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Hobie Cat 16 sailing in Cagliari, Italy - The Devil's Saddle in the background

A date with the Hobie fleet in Cagliari - every 10 years

No need for long speeches to declare open the 2013 edition of the Hobie Cat 16 European Championships, that are bringing to Cagliari some 75 boats from ten nations and four continents. Just a friendly welcome to the Hobie fleet from Efisio Pintor, president of Windsurfing Club Cagliari. A few words to recall that this will be the third edition to take place in Sardinia after 1994 and 2004 - and that some competitors in the 2013 entry list were here 20 years ago.

With a few boats still sailing home after a late practice, the opening ceremony continued with traditional Sardinian music and dances. On the small stage at the entrance of Marina Piccola harbour was the Madonna della Salute group from Villanovafranca, a small town 60 km away from Cagliari. Dancers wearing traditional dresses from Marmilla, the accordion music played by Walter Atzori, and after a while many in the audience accepted the invitation to come down to dance - with surprising results, in same cases.

At the end back to the Club for food and wine. Ready to race and to have a great Hobie week.