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Hobie Cat 16 sailing in Cagliari, Italy - The Devil's Saddle in the background

Ciabatti-Mereu (Masters) take the first title

The first Hobie Cat 16 european title for 2013 stays in Sardinia. Italian champion (and home team) Antonello Ciabatti and Luisa Mereu secured the Masters event, with little room for discussion. Two victories in the only two races for the second day of the Championship in Cagliari killed any hope that Jens Goritz and Juliane Bruggemann still had to catch the leaders. The German team finished four points behind - the third silver medal for them in the last three editions of the Europeans. Bronze medals went to Knud Jansen and Torben Wick.

No surprises from the EHCA Open Spi Cup: Orion Martin and Charlotte Hilliard from France lost their first race of the event but even with that they were the clear winners. Australian Chris Hancock and crew Valerie van Heukelom closed their race 7 points behind. Cedric and Laurent Bader of France finished third, just one point ahead of Klemens and Gundi Kitzmueller of Austria, winners of the last race.

Another Master team from Cagliari, Alberto Diaz and crew Daniela Deplano, were celebrating their fourth place because it means that they will not need to go through the Open qualifiers round to get into the Gold fleet. The three team that earned the podium are prequalified and the only spot assigned to the Masters fleet will go to the fourth one. Stefan Wiese-Dohse and Susi Gehrmann were fourth when the provisional results got posted but then lost a protest (a right of way case) and went down to 12th position. (They are prequalified for Gold race too, and Diaz-Deplano would have won their free pass even finishing fifth).

With just 5 to 7 knots of sea breeze, two races completed were quite a success. Light wind is not a problem for Daniel Bjornholt and Sofie Slotsgaard, apparently. The Danish team leading the Youth fleet moved away from Trine Bentzen and Nicolaj Bjornholt (a disappointing 9-5 for them on Sunday). Gianluigi Ugolini and Giulio Zizzari of Italy finished twice behind Florian and Nicolas Hublet and now only have one point to defend their third place. The Youth Championship still has two days and possibly 8 more races to assign the title for 2013.

Eight races on schedule also for the Open qualifiers, Monday and Tuesday (first start at 11). Two days to complete the Gold fleet that will compete for the main Hobie Cat 16 title.

Prize giving ceremony for Masters and Spi Cup was postponed: trophies will be awarded Tuesday evening, together with the ones for the Youth event.